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Dr. Alaa Al-Khayyat

Board Member

SAC Medical Center

Dr. Alaa Al-Khayyat is the Chief Executive Officer of SAC Healthcare. She was selected for the top leadership role based on her expertise of successful leadership in the healthcare industry, including strategic planning, interpersonal skills, and her ability to build strong effective teams. 

Dr. Al-Khayyat is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Bolton and her research is focusing on “The effectiveness of service quality improvement and patient safety measures in healthcare”. Her outstanding credentials include a Master of Business Administration from the University of Northampton and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy with Honors from AIU. She also received a Hospital Management Diploma from the Development Institute for Science and Computer (DISC) and a CEO Executive Coaching from London Business School.

Bringing a wealth of experience in leadership and strategic planning to her role, Dr. Alaa has focused on growth and expansion — enhancing SAC Healthcare’s reputation as a health care destination for specialty care and local, community-based care. She has been instrumental in building an outpatient pavilion and multiple community clinics, including SAC Medical Center, SAC Poly Clinics and SAC Pharmacy chain.

She has extensive strategic and operational oversight of hospital operations, physicians clinics, service-line growth, quality and safety. Dr. Alaa is best known for creating an organizational culture that thrives on authenticity, kindness and transparency and for driving positive experiences for health care consumers.

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