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  • 02.Dec.2023

“The International Gastrointestinal Cancers Congress 2023”: The View Hospital and Qatar Cancer Society

On the 2nd of December 2023, The View Hospital joined forces with the Qatar Cancer Society to participate in "The International Gastrointestinal Cancers Congress 2023." Dr. Moayad Aljarabah, a Consultant in General Surgery, took part as a distinguished speaker in a panel discussion during one of the conference's insightful workshops. This collaboration aimed to contribute expertise and knowledge to the international medical community.

Complementing Dr. Aljarabah's presentation, The View Hospital's Dietetics Department assembled a dedicated team of expert dietitians. These professionals actively engaged with conference attendees, delivering a wealth of information on the pivotal role of a balanced and nutritious diet in the prevention of gastrointestinal cancers. Recognizing the importance of proactive healthcare, a specialized medical team from The View Hospital conducted essential basic screenings on-site. This initiative aimed to provide immediate health insights and support the overall well-being of participants. By combining expert presentations, interactive educational sessions, and on-site health screenings, The View Hospital and the Qatar Cancer Society fostered a collaborative environment focused on advancing knowledge, promoting prevention, and enhancing the overall health of the community.

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