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  • 23.Apr.2024

Exceptional Care and Expertise: A Patient's Testimonial from The View Hospital's Urology Department

It is truly gratifying to hear such remarkable testimonials firsthand, especially when they underscore the exceptional care provided by our medical team. In one such instance, a patient shared their experience during an emergency case managed by Dr. Loay Farasin from our esteemed Urology department.

This testimonial not only highlights the expertise and dedication of our medical professionals but also serves as a testament to the quality of care provided at The View Hospital. The patient sought treatment for severe kidney pain and, following comprehensive diagnostic assessments, Dr. Loay Farasin identified the presence of seven kidney stones in the right kidney.

The treatment procedure involved the precise utilization of surgical endoscopy techniques and Thulium Laser Therapy for stone removal. These advanced interventions, categorized as same-day surgical procedures, exemplify our commitment to providing state-of-the-art medical care at The View Hospital.

The View Hospital is a modern healthcare institution that focuses on world-class clinical excellence with a mission to become the hospital of choice, providing, the highest, measurable care to visitors. Building on its clinical excellence, and international partnership approach, The View Hospital delivers outstanding clinical expertise, through highly experienced multi-disciplinary professional teams and systems.

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