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  • 14.Jun.2024

The View Hospital Partners with Qatar National Bank (QNB) to Promote Employee Health and Wellness

The View Hospital recently collaborated with Qatar National Bank (QNB) to host a dedicated health and wellness event aimed at enhancing the well-being of QNB employees. The event featured a range of specialized consultations provided by experts in Vascular Surgery, Family Medicine, Mental Health, and Endocrinology, all offered free of charge to attendees.

During the event, employees had the opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals from The View Hospital, gaining valuable insights and personalized advice on various aspects of health management. Discussions and consultations covered crucial topics such as cardiovascular health, preventive care strategies, mental well-being, and hormonal health, reflecting the comprehensive approach to employee wellness fostered by QNB and The View Hospital.

This collaborative initiative underscores both organizations' commitment to supporting the health and welfare of employees, promoting a proactive approach to healthcare within Qatar's corporate sector. The event not only provided essential medical guidance but also fostered a culture of wellness and preventive care among participants, reinforcing the importance of prioritizing health in every aspect of professional and personal life.

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