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  • 15.May.2024

Patient Testimony: Successful Knee Replacement Surgery at View Hospital

Mrs. Intisar Almaqtari, a recent patient at our Orthopedic Surgery Department, endured years of debilitating knee pain before seeking relief. Despite trying various treatments without success, her chronic pain persisted. However, under the expert guidance of Dr. Samr Zytoun, she underwent knee joint replacement surgery, marking a significant turning point in her journey. From the onset, Mrs. Intisar experienced remarkable progress, thanks to Dr. Samr's proficiency and the dedicated care of our medical staff, including physiotherapists. Diagnostic tests revealed severe ligament erosion, prompting the decision for a minimally invasive procedure to insert an artificial joint. With the patient's consent, the surgery, completed in under 30 minutes, proved highly successful. Through our fast-track protocol, Mrs. Intisar was on her feet within an hour post-operation and achieved an impressive 90-degree bend in her knee within two hours. Her testimony underscores not only the effectiveness of our treatments but also our commitment to providing comprehensive care, regardless of the complexity of the condition. We look forward to continuing to serve and support patients like Mrs. Intisar on their path to restored mobility and a pain-free life.

The View Hospital is delighted to welcome and assist patients with a wide range of orthopedic cases, reaffirming our dedication to delivering exceptional care and fostering positive outcomes for all who entrust us with their health and well-being.

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