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Orthopedic Surgery

The Division of Orthopedic Surgery is directed by Western board-certified physician consultants and staffed with DHP-qualified physicians, registered nurses and allied health professionals, focused on providing excellence and quality through multidisciplinary care in both elective and emergency cases.

A wide spectrum of elective and emergency orthopedic surgical services are available, including joint replacement and joint-preserving surgeries of major joints (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet); arthroplasty and arthroscopy; cartilage repair and osteotomies; infiltration therapy; bone reconstruction; rotator cuff refixation; shoulder and hip dislocations; tennis and golf elbow; trochleaplasty; knee ligament stabilization, ACL surgery; femoral and tibial realignment; correction of foot osteomies and tendon surgery; arthrodesis; club foot; pes plano valgus deformity; hand and finger surgeries for ganglion removal, ligament splitting, and infiltration therapy; and spinal surgery, including kyphoplasty and internal segmental fixation for disc degeneration and fracture situations.

Emergency treatment services including osteosynthesis procedures of the upper and lower extremities and arthroscopic lavage of infected joints.

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