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Vascular Surgery

Our Vascular Surgery Department is led by highly qualified and experienced Western board-certified physicians, supported by a team of skilled healthcare professionals. We offer a comprehensive range of elective and emergency vascular surgical services, ensuring excellence and quality care through a multidisciplinary approach.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of vascular conditions, including peripheral artery disease, aortic aneurysms, varicose veins, dialysis access, Diabetic foot care and carotid artery disease. Our dedicated vascular surgeons employ both surgical, endovascular and non-surgical interventions to restore blood flow, alleviate symptoms, and improve overall vascular health.

Whether it's performing minimally invasive procedures for varicose veins, repairing aortic aneurysms, or creating dialysis access, our team is equipped to handle diverse vascular conditions. We prioritize patient-centered care, following clinical guidelines and ensuring that treatment decisions are made with the patient's best interests in mind.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to vascular disorders or have risk factors, such as diabetes or hypertension, we encourage you to visit our vascular surgery department. Our expert team will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and recommend tailored treatment options to optimize your vascular health and well-being.

At our hospital, you can expect specialized care, advanced techniques, and a commitment to delivering the highest standard of vascular surgical services.

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